Sebright Chick possibly sick?Update: Normal this morning, not worried!


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Mar 20, 2009
The chick is a Sebright (most likely hatchery quality if it matters, hopefully pullet), 1 month, don't know weight but about the same size as the 3 day old standard chicks. She's a lot weaker seeming than the other chickens we've had at this age, sleeping/sitting still as much as the 3 day old chicks, and she really likes sitting and sleeping on my hand (much more than I'd expect from an older chick who's been handled barely if at all), and doesn't seem to be interested in feed. Drank some water when I dipped her beak in it, but doesn't every time, I guess just when she feels like it and it's there. I also had to clean poop off her butt once, didn't expect that at a month old. She also lay by herself on the way home, instead of huddled together like the other two, but I figured it was because she was older/a bantam/differently colored.
Could this be just from stress following a car trip, or is it some disease?

Update: Now she's doing fine, I think she was just tired from being moved.
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