Sebright hip/leg problem, can no longer walk

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    Sep 26, 2014
    This is about a 1.5-2yr old Sebright...

    This has been something that came on slowly, first we didn't notice because he had a hurt foot for some time and we focused on that and thought it was the cause of his inability to walk properly...Once the foot healed we noticed he wasn't right and we started to care for the entire leg/hip by using a sling for so many hours a day...He hated it and it wouldn't last long...Now he can't walk at all and his hip is making a clicky sound...

    Sadly, we've heard this before and it was one of our most special silkies, she lived in a sling the last 8mths of her life. [​IMG] We're hoping we don't have to go thru that again but it appears that may be his future...This is only 2nd bird afflicted like this, is it a "common" issue and is there something that can help? We called all the local vets, none will even see him, one recommended a vitamin E intensive diet...I should have asked why but I didn't [​IMG] so if someone could tell me what it's purpose is, I'd appreciate it...

    Question about that, can we take a standard Vitamin E cap, pop it and spread it on food or how should we get it to him?...And how much, he's a tiny Sebright?!?...Any help would be greatly appreciated..

    We'll try anything and go to ridiculous lengths to keep him alive and comfortable, we just don't know outside of a sling what to do...Thanx in advance...

    This is Clyde on break from the sling.

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    Aug 11, 2014
    Magnolia, Texas
    I'm sorry to hear of your troubles. :(

    I hope someone with experience in this area can help you.


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