Sebright pullet just not doing so well? Can adult hen, med. feed?


9 Years
Apr 27, 2010
Vernon County, MO
I have three Sebrights, I got them straight run and ended up with two pullets and a cockerel (at first I thought he had some evil bug on his head, it was just his comb
). One of my lil' pullets isn't doing so well, she eats and drinks, but otherwise just feels weakish when you hold her and not as strong. She has limp/curled toes on one foot. She was doing fine until today when I took my older birds out of the brooder into the outside one, I had them in a box for about half an hour while I picked up the cage. She's back in the brooder under the lamp with the youngsters.

Should I separate her? I'm putting the whole young flock on medicated feed. Should I also offer boiled egg yolk? She's been otherwise growing and acting fine.

I also have a broody cochin hen with four chicks under her (have no idea what they are, hopefully Cochins). She's very motherly and doing awesome with her lil' chicklets. Chicks are maybe a week old, tops. Is it safe for the hen to have medicated feed? I haven't given any yet, I wanted to be sure first. I do want her to raise her chicks.

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