Sebright roos...


13 Years
May 13, 2010
...crow a lot! I have 3 and they crow all the time!! Good thing it's really cute! Is this typical for them? or is it because my 3 stooges (yes,they are Larry,Curly and Mo) are their own little flock? Currently they are in a cage inside at night and free range the yard all day.They have no "friends" outside of themselves because everyone else is either WAY bigger or they weren't able to integrate with.
Just curious if this is typical?
I don't know if you and I together can count as "typical" but I do want to share that my two Silver Sebright roos are the noisiest crowers in the flock. Most frequent, and although I do love 'em and can tell which one of the two is crowing, as well as all the other roosters in the flock those two little yard Hitlers triggered to crow, the LOUDEST because the pitch is higher than that of the LF roosters crowing.

Easily five or ten times as frequently as the other roosters. "I'm here! I'm HERE! It is I!" Yah, we get that!
yep...they do have that look.... "It is I! Mighty King of the Backyard! Beware!"...Oh no....gotta run from that HUGE Roo!
On a serious note,though...I hate that they are so darn cute! I really don't wanna ask DH to build a small run for them...housing them overnight is NP because they all fit nicely in a wire cage I have, but as they mature...I know there will be problems. I don't know if you saw my other postings but one of them was fighting with my MF D'Uccle roo when i tried to re-integrate them.I have a bantam flock that I'd like to free-range but can't with these guys around.
But say I let them range and had the banty flock in a would they act around my LF hens? Do you think they would get along well enough and not get mauled by the LF roos?
I really,really would like to just keep 'em but DH isn't too happy about that prospect
Mine free range with JGs, Orps, a Brahma, and a myriad of other big birds as well as several other bantams. Carl (dominant roo) kicked George's butt ONCE and George got it. I mean, it wasn't even more than one, screaming, feather-flared PECK on that Sebright and the first flicker of a fight was over. Alex, the other Sebright, is smarter than George. Alex also thrashes George when George gets a little funky around my ankles. They both tend to shadow or pace me, and Alex will fly at George if he gets out of line. Methinks George is a slow learner. He just thinks his britches are bigger'n anybody else's.

Both of them will try to mount ANY of the hens, not just Alice (or Joy when she was alive) Sebright hens. The BIG girls! But only when Carl isn't around.

"Get back! BACK! She's big, she's beautiful, and she's MINE!"
Actually,my concern is feather wearage...I'm afraid of having too many roos again...
I don't want that EVER again! Just thinking that maybe since these guys are smaller...they won't be able to mate with LF hens??
Although they might not be able to accomplish the cloacal kiss, they sure will grab the back of their chosen prey's head and hang on for as long as possible before the crazily running hens dislodge 'em. This causes bald spots at the back of the neck near the hen's head, if she's over-mounted.
Darn it!! I want them to be GENTLEMEN so I can keep 'em
What IS IT with these boys!?
Looks like I'm gonna have to butter the ol' man up so he'll build me a tiny run

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