Second day outside, Bantam found sleeping on cold concrete.

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    Feb 8, 2010
    Hey all, I hope you can help.
    We took our chicks outside to the coop yesterday. This morning all were fine, and out running about (once we forced them out into the run.) This afternoon about 5, I checked on them, and one silkie was sleeping in the far corner under the coop. It was using cold/damp concrete as a nap spot. I tried to roust her, but she wouldn't hardly move.

    Figuring she was cold, I put her in the coop and put a 75w heat lamp over her.

    Three hours later and she's still lethargic. She won't eat or drink.

    She's breathing regularly, and sticks her head up when you poke her.

    The Lady and I are concerned we 'killed' a chicken the first day out! Is the Silkie just cold, or is something wrong?


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