Second sick hen, won't eat or drink


8 Years
Jan 12, 2012
Chester County, PA
"Here's my situation: I noticed mites (Northern Fowl) about 3 weeks ago. Treated with wood ash which seemed to do a good job. Few days later, I notice my top hen (Raven - a Black Sex Link) is not eating, has green diarrhea and a droopy tail. Then find swollen abdomen. Tried hand feeding and giving vitamin drops, but condition worsened. Tearfully took to vet to euthanize - I felt as though she was suffering and wanted that less than anything. That was almost 2 weeks ago. My theory with her is possibly mites made thin shells, and egg broke inside of her and got her backed up. This is just speculation. Raven had just turned 3 yrs. old. Now one of my RIRs that hatched just a few weeks after Raven (so they got sick almost at exactly the same age - probably coincidence), Peewee, has green diarrhea and won't eat or drink. Her tail is NOT droopy nor is her abdomen swollen though. I have found broken thin shelled eggs in the nesting box for a few days in a row (but not yesterday or today) that I am almost certain were hers. This is my piggiest hen - a fanatical worm and grub eater - picking up a shovel used to make her come running (Loose soil! = yummies!). Friday, she just had a few bites of yogurt/feed mash. Saturday, she ate about 8 grubs for me (last resort trying to get her to eat ANYTHING). Yesterday and today - nothing. Won't eat or drink no matter how I try to entice her. CAN I DO ANYTHING TO HELP PEEWEE? Should I get antibiotic? Where do I get that? Should I worm her? Not sure where to get that either. I've gotten the mites off of her - a couple weeks ago. There may be a few here and there but nothing like there was. I check every couple of days and continue dusting periodically with wood ash. Yesterday my brother reported to me yesterday that a young roo I gave him about 3-4 weeks ago has green diarrhea and is just picking at his food, and not crowing much, although today he says he seems a little better (I have not seen for myself though).
I have 10 other "big" chickens, as well as 7 Silkies, one of which is a broody that hatched 7 chicks almost 2 weeks ago. Everyone else has a good appetite which is what I am watching for.
Should I get a dropper and force peewee to drink a little. It looks like her diarrhea isn't as bad now - but I'm afraid it's because she's completely empty from no food or water.
Help? Please?
PS - I did change food over a month ago, from Dumor layer crumbles to the local feed mill's Layer pellets and then mash. My brother gets his chicken food from me. Also, all three that were/are sick spent time eating spilled birdseed under a wild bird feeder right before they got sick. Coincidence or not, I don't know. Oh, and I'm in Pennsylvania - southeastern. Thanks. ~Sharon
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Peewee drank some water this morning, but will not eat anything - and I have tried to entice her with every goodie I can think of. It now looks like her diarrhea is yellow/brown instead of green, and not quite as runny. My brother reports the rooster appears better today - eating and drinking with firmer poops.

PLEASE HELP - Any suggestions on what j can do to help Peewee???

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