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    Okay kids I am here to tell you something that is a tried and true remedy to keep your chicks safe from the dreaded [​IMG] " SNAKES". [​IMG] I was just out checking on my 4 week old girls and I had decided to put more sulphur around the coop for ticks and such. I had been told at the garden store from my old farmer and chicken goddess that it worked on snakes to but I thought it was perhaps an old farmer story. Well as I got around to the fuzzy butt side of the coop I pulled a plastic tote away from the side of the coop and " OMG--------- THERE WAS A BLACK SNAKE [​IMG] about 2 feet long , inches away from crawling under the door to the chickie side. There is about a 1/2 inch gap inder the door and I don't know if he could have gotten in but the chicks were about a foot from death if he could have. Well , I had spread a thick path of sulphur up to that point and when I saw him he got a bucket full of sulphur on him dumped and I have never seen a snake go away that fast ---- ever. He looked like he was actually trying to get out of it and not crawl through it at the same time. I think he grew legs and ran. When the sulphur hit him he actually made a noise and he left so fast I do not know where he went. So needless to say I put down even more and told the husband to buy two or three more bags this weekend and I will be putting it down heavy from now on around the hen pen for ever. !!!!!! Trudy [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    I hate snakes !!!! I hate snakes !!!! I hate snakes !!!!!
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    I asked my husband about the sulfur keeping snakes away. His response was "Do you like sulfur?" (He use to work as a reptile specialist). I'd say keep that stuff around!
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    Reading....sipping coffee....enter menta image of snake with legs..... [​IMG] ...Note to self [​IMG] ...get a new dress!
    Thanks for the sulfur idea..Gonna go get sum!!!!!!! [​IMG]
  5. I assume you'll fix that opening anyway and be sure to look up to any place that snake or others might climb- check your eaves and vents be sure everything is appropriately covered. Those things can climb 12 feet.

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    There is NO opening anywhere --- all the eaves and any holes are already covered with 1/2 " hardware cloth so there are no openings. The door has a very small opening under the bottiom of the door, where someone tried to make a cement step under it and they accidently must have bumped a tiny peice off of it before it completely dry. There is no way to fill in that tiny of an area and you can not cement over that small of a spoit as it will not stay bu instead crumble off. So I am just shoving a piece of wood under it to block the hole.
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    Where did you buy the sulfur? I had a king snake experience and I do not want to have anymore.
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    I have not had an experience with snakes but with my biddies being in a yard tractor they could be victims very easily.
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    Quote:Go to an auto parts store and get some JB Weld epoxy putty, mix some up and plug the hole. When it dries it will be harder than concrete.

    Make sure it is the putty type, as they make several types with the JB Weld brand name on them.
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    Feb 4, 2008
    Could this be used in a organic setting? Like if I want to consider my chicken's eggs organic, would this be OK? And does it hurt the snakes? I actually like them if they aren't killing any of my pets! They keep away little pests.

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