Secret family recipes for home healing?

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    May 17, 2010
    I have always been fascinated with the self sufficiency of those who lived before us. I collect books relating to their care of home, self and family. Although modern advancements are crucial to the health and well being of our society there are some skills that have been lost along the way.

    So do you have any old "remedies" passed on to you from elder relatives? And advice that you found helpful? I'd love to hear it. I'd even enjoy seeing some of your random "old wives tales".

    One of my own related to the creation of an onion syrup for my son's croup made on the advice of my grandmother. She suggested layering onion slices and sugar and letting this seep for several hours before straining off the liquid to use as a syrup several times a day. He seemed quite relieved after i gave it to him. After this, i decided to use a few tablespoons of green tea with a tablespoon on the onion syrup whenever anyone has a barking cough. The illnesses seem to run their course quicker.

    So what are you family's "remedies"?[​IMG]
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    Feb 7, 2009
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    I've only heard the basics from my family:

    Peppermint tea for stomach aches.

    Eucalyptus leaves in a pot of hot water and breathing in the steam for sore throats.

    Baking soda + water (make a paste) for mosquito bites.

    "Walk it off" fixes most things.

    And, I've even heard a chicken remedy! My grandmother insists that if you feed them alfalfa sprouts during the winter they'll lay more. Then again, she also thinks they stop laying when they turn 2.
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    I make a spiced cider for flu and cold. I can't remember what site I got it from but it was a recipe from an older lady who taught herbal remedies. We love it and its yummy too.

    Cider or apple Juice( I use a gallon jug)
    1 lemon cut up
    honey ( i can't tell you how much I don't remember what she said, I put a lot in probably 1/4 cup)
    1 cinnamon stick
    A good pinch of cloves( probably 6 to 8 cloves)

    Your body will be on fire afterwards. It really heats you up. The kids love this one and it is very very yummy. I drink it anytime I even start to feel like I am getting sick.

    My mother grows fennel to make a tea for tummy and kidney issues.
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    May 17, 2010
    TT! thanks for the reply. I agree about the walking things off. I was feeling under the weather the other day and i had to go out and feed the animals. The walking and the fresh air made a difference. Also, the alfalfa sprout info is interesting.

    HeatherLynn, the cider sounds really good. Comforting.

    I also grow fennel and have used it for stomach upsets. Sometimes, along with the fennel, I also use chamomile and one basil leaf to make a light tea with honey, lemon and milk for the kids when their bellies are upset. Seems to work really really well.
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