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    I was thinking about people here who might not be able to provide gifts for their children this year. In the past, i've PM'd people who mentioned this, and tried to send a little something off their kids' lists. I bet there's a bunch of us BYCers who can spare a few bucks this holiday season to help our fellow chicken folk have a less stressful holiday. maybe a family in need post wishes for their kids, and then edit it to *wish Granted* when someone PMs as a santa for that family, or that child...

    like: (this is an example. I don't have one of these)

    My DS, age 2 really needs a pair of size 2 snowpants this christmas, and he also really wants a thomas the tank engine train.


    OFFERED: Hand Made pair of mittens, any size, please specify preferred color.... 4pr. Left

    and then edit it when people request, down to 2 pairs left. etc.

    Then someone PM's that person with Secret Santa in the subject line, and commits to sending the items requested before Christmas, or before Hanukah, or whatever. Of course safety is important, but recipients could use a neighbor or family member or friend's address to help preserve anonymity.... what do y'all think?
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    Sep 24, 2010
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    If request could be made anonymously off screen that would be a very good idea.A list of needs could be kept and people could choose off the list what they would like to contribute. It would take some organizing but could be done.
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    Something even those of us who are pretty strapped financially (as we are) could do would be to check out this link. It's for donations to the very poorest of our poor here in the US, the Native Americans up in Pine Ridge and Rosebud reservations. The people there have a life span similar to desert tribesmen in third world countries and the suicide rate up there is through the roof. If we could send some used blankets, toys, books, COATS, boots....anything that would give these people some warmth, joy and hope it would help more than you could know. This cause is very dear to my heart as my adopted daughter is a Pine Ridge Lakota Native.

    Here's the link:

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