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  1. ellenmartin

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    May 30, 2011
    Get a baby monitor wireless camera - they are cheap!!!

    Put the camera in the coop and put the monitor by your bed.

    Turn volume down low but audible.

    When something bothers geese... YOU WILL HEAR COMOTION!

    Get gun - run!

    We have camera and can hear/check chickens on one channel and goose barn on other channel. . It is awesome!

    If you are having predators - predator proof your coops and then put cameras in or out and turn monitor on low on your bedside table --- it's a baby monitor... but it works GREAT to hear if somehting is happening!

    You can save your geese/chickens from horrible death. SUMMER makes one - all over internet. We got the 2 channel 2 camera one - just plug in, (extension chord if you don't have elect. to coop) and then put batteries in monitor and put by bed.

    We can see what they are doing if we need, hear comotion or problems and overall it's good security - we can even hear neighbors talking on it!! LOL!!!

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    Jun 24, 2008
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    Good tip! [​IMG]
  3. Sore Thumb Suburbanite

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    Apr 26, 2011
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    Ok, I am already super obsessed with watching my geese and ducks...if I got a camera, I would never stop watching them! It does sound pretty cool, I always wonder what they are doing... as for the baby coop and run is 15 feet from my bedroom window and visible through we leave the window open at night and I always wake up if there are any unusual noises. Last night my birds all ran around suddenly and I woke up and checked the coop through the window...nothing...sometimes they just freak out (Its week 2 with the younger generation in the coop at night so I blame that). I haven't even seen any predators in my yard ever... until thismorning...a tabby cat on my back wall...almost as big as the 6 week old gosling. So I'm thinking.... maybe she was browsing last night...

    I would totally do the monitor thing if my birds weren't right next to us.

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