See any Roos?


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May 20, 2011
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They're 18 weeks, the red one in the back or the black one in the individual picture are my suspects but I really have no clue, I'm hoping for at least one since they're out on their own all day.


thanks for the replies, I even ordered 5 more, will be 20 week old pullets when I get them, a month or two ago because I though I had 2 roos lol Guess we'll have a lot of eggs. I'm hoping they'll lay soon =] Any tips, we made a chicken door for them on the coop and they have nesting boxes in there but I'm worried they're going to be laying in the fields, how do I get them to do it only in the boxes?
You could put some fake eggs in the nests. You could use golf balls or ceramic eggs. I've only had 1 pullet not start laying in the nest so far, but she got it after about a week.
You have all girls. If you want a roo, check craigslist--this time of year a lot of folks are giving them away. The best way to get them to lay in the nest boxes is to keep them in the coop for a while after they start laying. A lot of folks get by with keeping them in until early afternoon, cause most hens lay in the morning, but you'll always have that one girl who holds it!

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