Seeing the neurosurgeon today, wish us luck plz


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Jun 29, 2010
Hey, everyone. My son has an appointment with the neurosurgeon today for another follow up. We'll see what he says about how things are going. I am really scared because the swelling in his head has not gone down much if at all, and I'm not sure how long we can wait before we will have to make the decision if he needs a shunt or not.

Prayers would be much appreciated. My son has been through so much already, and to end up with a lifelong device and lifelong surgeries...well, after everything, it's more than I can bear to think about right now.

aww honey
I know its tough to stay strong at times like this but we are here for you
We just got back from the surgeon. I am very hopeful because there are a few things we can try before the shunt. One is to drain the fluid and put a compression wrap on it. We are doing this just as a hopeful measure, because the surgeon does not believe it will be effective, but it doesn't hurt to try and it is an easy procedure. He wasn't going to bother to do this step, but he was willing to try. Since it is an easy procedure and there is a slim chance it will work, we opted to give it a shot. We scheduled this for the beginning of November.

We also scheduled surgery for the end of November where he will go back into the skull and work on the cranial flap. Apparently, when you cut the cranium, when it heals, it becomes permeable, so the spinal fluid inside the cranium permeates to the outside of the cranium. He will insert something into the cranium to help with the pressure. He went over this in detail, but I'm so tired right now, I am having a hard time remembering all the details.

If that surgery fails, then we will have to place a shunt.

So, I am really thankful that there are things we can try, and the surgeon is quite hopeful and positive that the second procedure will be successful. It's sad that he will almost surely need another surgery, but I'm also thankful that it will be much easier than the initial surgery to remove his tumor (13 hours!).

I will take this as happy news. Watching and waiting continues. We're on the roller coaster for a bit longer, but hopefully there is an end in sight.

Thank you all so much for your kindness.
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