*Seekers- Bears-.. Based on the books by Erin Hunter RP*

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    Are you up for fantasy and bears talking? Some people say, "How can you read that stuff? Its so lame.. and fake, Talking bears and spirits!" But, I have learned to not listen to them because I think that these books are awesome, and they require you to use your imagination! (If you haven't read these books PM me for help).. Enough chattering,
    You are required too use these 3 bears, all their family's shall meet.. Someday, but your goal is to act out the bears and make sure that they get together, No dying is allowed in this Rp, even if it says it in the book.. Family will come with your bears… Forever, If a bear must die, then that Rper must get a new character

    Read all red, before applying a form

    • All BYC rules apply
    • no CUSSING
    • Keep RP PG
    • Please respect my opinions and authority
    • Please no Rp'ing till I have accepted you and everyone can start
    • Please also make sure that you have at least 1 other bear in a family, before you may request Lusa,Urjak,Toklo,Kallik..
    • Game discussion must be in Pm's
    • Main character's must not die
    • Have fun!!

    Toklo's Family- Toklo's family consist of his mother and his brother who are brown grizzly's and will also accept new bears, living out in the woods is difficult for his mother too bring him back food and other necessities. He is the only male, and he will not tolerate showing any weaknesses to his mother, he is very strong,athletic,cocky,hard willed, His family is always on the move so that they do not run into any other male's.

    Lusa- Lusa's family is pretty big, consisting of her father,mother,brother, who are black bears.. Before her family was free they were held in a zoo, where they had been captured, they were offered, food,water and shelter.. But all they really wanted was too be free, tired of being cooped up in a glass tank, they busted out and are now living and on the move

    Kallik- Kallik's family consist of her mother and her brother who are polar bears and they also accept other polar bears, like every other polar bear's they hunt for seal, and sleep in a dug up den.. Life has been hard and cold for Kallik, there hasn't been many seals around..And they are trying to get around fast

    Urjak- Urjack is a little brown grizzly cub, trying to learn the ropes from his mother who is also trying to steer away from males. Accepting new members would be great for this small family of 2, His father is not mentioned and Assumed that his father died before he was born.

    Ranks- This is a family Parents are in charge (Of course)… Main characters will not die, but will allow medics. All bears must be somewhat related to the main characters.. If I have listed "Ranks, put mom,dad,brother.. (Some relation) Or medic… There must only be at least 3 medics per family..
    All family members must be on offense and defense,no warriors,generals. In the wild they fight and defend themselves.


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