Seeking a chicken expert (Frederick County MD)

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    Oct 15, 2013
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    I have a beautiful Rooster that I recently acquired. There is some question about his suitability to be a breeder for SOP. In particular his wings appear to be split, possibly. I am no expert on the matter but it is hard to photograph and even harder to tell when you are not familiar with the issue. I am looking for someone in my region that might be willing to come and look at him and give me some sound advice on what a good breed stock looks like. My goal is to breed SOP eventually but I would like to start with a good breeding trio. I already have two hens, and this rooster was intended to be the mate.

    These are French Copper Marans.

    I will not use him to breed if he is not a good choice. Would love some local advice from a fellow chicken lover with knowledge on how to get started the right way instead of just floundering, throwing money away and failing miserably to the point of frustration.

    Everyone suggests finding mentors, but they are not necessarily easy to find! Would love some help on the matter.
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    My Coop

    Ask here: They have been in quality Marans for years and know the breed very well. They are in Frederick County, Maryland.
    Karen in western PA, USA
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    Oct 15, 2013
    Knoxville Maryland
    I will check with them. Thanks so much!

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