Seeking: chicks or adults (read post)


8 Years
May 14, 2012
looking for some birds to add to my breed specific flocks.

SQ Japanese bantam
Liege (I am really looking for a rooster I have about 6 black hens and I wouldn't mind some other colours in the flock if someone has some but seriously I need a rooster =/)

please send pictures of the birds and the parent flock. no crosses.

can also do eggs but again PLEASE send pictures I've been seeing alot of folks selling phoenix and phoenix crosses as Ohiki and I don't want that.
Location? We have someone here who breeds and sells Ohiki. You can't tell if a chick will be show quality. Good luck.
I know, meant show quality lines or show quality adults . I'm in Texas but happy to have them shipped
I should have black mottled Japanese eggs next year from a breeder quality pen -sq male, breeder females.
I'll get new pictures in the spring. All birds were young in pics I have.

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