Seeking Info on new "Asia Black" Chicken "Breed"


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Apr 9, 2021
So, I was gifted this gorgeously huge roo. He is 3 months old and only slightly smaller than his brother Hercules. They were purchased from TSC labeled as Black Concords. Tank is over 6lbs and still growing. He is sweet, docile and a talker. Based on his thick legs he definitely has some sort of meat bird in him. My neighbor kept Hercules. Hercules has some red but he is more black. I like many others can't find much on this guy. I wanted big fast growing since I am raising meat birds but I wanted one that could do all natural. What do you'll think? I read asian black and black concord are kinda synonymous, is that right? In the pics you can see how much bigger he is than my Austrolorp and my Guineas. His size is unreal but he gets around amazing! Also he has the weird on white toe nail thing going on too.


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Apr 9, 2021
My theory on Asian Blacks is that it’s just a made up breed that is basically a mix of several different types to make a good black dual purpose breed.
That theory could be right as the "end goal" of the hatcheries. My roo isn't black and is almost as big as my BBW turkeys. So is my roo an F1, F2...I mean where are they at in the mix? It would be super helpful to know.


Aug 31, 2020
This is a picture of my roo Vash. He was claimed to be one of these Asian Blacks. Anyone know if he looks like he is supposed to? Does he look like something else? I don't trust TS anymore because half of the chicks I got from them were not what they claimed them to be. And since this was my first chicken venture, I didn't know better :/

- just a couple days old

- About 2 months

- today at 7.5 months

Heh for what its worth the hen below him was claimed to be an asian black as well :/
he looks like that. i bought him as a barred rock which he definitely was not. he is probably about 10 pounds. i need to find his teen pic

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