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    May 28, 2008
    So the responses to my last post confirmed for me what I originally thought, I have a problem with scaly leg mites. I treated for it (chickens and coop) and think I have it under control. I've got about 2 dozen hens ranging in age from 1 to 4 years, a variety of breeds. Except for a couple of the four year olds that I got from someone 3 years ago, I've raised them all up from mail order chicks. They have full access to an outside pen (about 1000 sq. feet) during all daylight hours. I don't let them out all that often because lately every time I do I seem to lose one.

    Anyway, I have noticed that a couple of them (different breeds, but interestingly enough all 1 year olds as far as I can tell) have a bare spot sort of between and behind their legs. It is definitely new, sort of under the vent where those short soft feathers normally are. I've attached to photos, not great but enough to show the problem. When I noticed one, I thought maybe molting, but now as I pay more and more attention, it looks like 4 of them, in the same spot. This makes me think not molting. It could have to do with other birds picking at them, or the affected birds picking at themselves, so then I thought about mites. Could some sort of mites be annoying them, resulting in them picking at the feathers back there?

    I have never seen any actual mites on them. If it is due to mites, I was thinking of spraying them with a permethryn solution, then maybe a dose of Ivermec (cleaning out the coop and using the permethryn there also). I wormed them maybe 6 or 7 months ago with the ivermec, so they should be fine with it, but I hate to go that route and lose the eggs if I don't need to. At least the ivermec would help ensure the leg mites were gone.

    Any thoughts would sure be appreciated.
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