"Selective breeding," on Monster Bulls

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    Oct 6, 2009
    Hi all, I know a Bull isn't in the pheasant category....But
    With all the postings on Hybridism and line breeding- I decided to share a video on " Selective Breeding " ( the Belgium Blue Bull ).
    100 years of selecting and separating special gene pool.
    It would be great if they can , separate, special gene pools to help endangered pheasants survive in whats left in there dwindling habitats.
    Cabot Trageopans can't seem to raise and hatch there Own clutches in the wild. If they can apply some of these "selective" gene traits......it might help
    I know its been a failed program ( Only Francy Hermans AI programs) in Belgium had a HUGE hatch rate. and produced 100 times the natural hatch rate....But they wernt open to science [​IMG]


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