Self-Blue d'Uccle - Hen?


11 Years
May 19, 2008
Cedar Creek, TX
Duckle, my lavender d'Uccle, is about 18 wks old. His/her comb seemed to come in kinda early and was pretty red early on, so I had assumed Duckle was a boy. Now, though, I am starting to wonder if he is actually a she, since the comb has not gotten as big as the pics I've seen of d'Uccle roos and there are no hackle or saddle feathers coming in. What do you guys think?

Yes that looks like a hen. She should be laying eggs pretty soon.

eta: If it was a roo she would have a different tail and some pointy hackles by now.
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Cool, I'm glad I was wrong about this one. She is one of my favorites, and I am trying to reduce the number of roos so I wasn't sure what I was going to do with another one!
She really had me fooled with the way her comb came in and turned pink so early. She already had a pretty large comb at just a few weeks old so I had assumed for the longest time she was a he. Then the sickle feathers never came in and the comb stopped growing....

Still, I much prefer being surprised by an extra hen than by an extra roo!

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