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    The breeding trio was purchased in Ohio in April 2013 from a reputable breeder for my oldest son, who wanted to get into 4-H Poultry Club. They've closed the club in our county, and due to his football and school responsibilities, he's just not interested in keeping these little guys any longer.

    The two mature hens are already laying again - usually a minimum of an egg per day between the two of them. The rooster is very sweet-natured but protective of his girls and his young. All of them tolerate being held, cleaned, etc. - the chicks were a hatch 8 weeks ago out of 10 eggs. 8 hatched, 7 have survived to juvenile maturity. By looking at them only, it looks like 4 will be girls and 3 will be boys. They all have the gorgeous signature silver coloring - iridescent hackle feathers - great temperaments. I've had them all on MannaPro Game Bird feed since we purchased the parent trio. They are healthy, vibrant, and happy little birds!

    I paid $50 for the parent trio in April and am only looking to recover my expense in the parents as well as the feed and supplies we've put into them. I had advertised other places locally to sell the chicks for $3 each and the parents for the $50 I paid, but I am just interested mainly in recovering a portion of our expenses in having them. They were amazing parents, both hens went broody together in the same nesting box until the babies hatched. They started almost immediately teaching the youngsters how to forage and get around. If I could keep them just as project birds, I would - but I'm filling up on large poultry that do not interact well with these smaller bantam Game Birds.

    I am willing to meet halfway or possibly ship, depending on how far away the potential buyer is. I'm in East Central Kentucky, so shipping could be possible to the surrounding states.
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    Jan 13, 2013
    Oh man, I saw your ad for these chicks on craigslist a while ago and I was so disappointed that you were in Kentucky! I'm in Ohio; unfortunately too far away to pick up.

    Do you have experience with shipping? I'm potentially interested in the parent breeding trio, if you'd be willing to sell them separately and to ship them to Ohio. How old are they? What breeder did you get them from? Do you know what stock they're from? Are they unrelated?

    They're very beautiful birds :)
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    Guy's name is Kevin Heel, out of Chilicothe OH. He had a booth set up at the Scioto County Fair in Lucasville OH this April and that's where we bought them. My husband asked about the relativity of the trio and we were told the roo was a generation older than the hens hatched 2011), from a different breeder in IN. The two hens were from his own hatch in summer 2012.

    I'm not experienced in shipping adult birds - I've shipped hatching eggs and day-olds. The chicks from this hatch were supposed to have been picked up at 3 days' age but the person never showed up and their phone was no longer in service when I called on pickup day. I've had a lot of questions and calls about the birds since I listed on CL, but no one has yet to even come look at them.

    I need to sell ALL of them, as I need that separate pasture space/coop area for my Lav/Split Ameraucana by the end of the month.
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    I'm willing to meet you halfway if you'd take them all. I'm holding firm on the $50 I paid for the breeding trio, so $60 for all the chicks AND the trio is a pretty good price. At this point, I've just got to find homes for them but I've invested far too much money and time in them to just give them away for free. I've got to have the pasture/coop space where they are for my Lav/Split Ameraucanas.

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