Self dusting laying eggs

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    Just a thought! Let me run this idea with you all and see what your inputs and comments would be!

    For those of you (and me) wanted to do some preventive measures of this terrible year of mites, lices and all sorts of bugs in our laying girls.

    Get one hard plastic easter egg, put some holes in it, open the half and pour Sevin dust in it, tightened back up and put it in the nesting box. Voila! Self dusting when the hens come in to lay, shifted the egg around that the dust will be underneath her chest and legs (good for leg mites too!).

    Would this work?????????

    Try this on your birds and let me know if it works!

    Another one would be the cheesecloth bag similar to the weight lifter's dust bags when they dust their hands before coming on to the stage to lift those weights. Not sure where to get those kind of bags but it would make a nice comfy blanket for them to sit on. One disadvantage would be if they get to be so comfy, they might end up sleeping in the nest boxes.
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    Might just work with the Easter eggs. Only problem I see is if you don't secure the halfs and it broke open. Won't want that much available to ingest.
  3. ? Would dusting the nest box with DE do the same job?
  4. ShariChickabee

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    Aug 12, 2010
    I am very new to chickens with my first backyard flock raised from chicks this spring. I was interested in this post because I recently dusted my hens and now, at least one of them has started laying eggs. Is it safe to eat the eggs when they have been exposed to dusting powder? My daughter got the stuff from TSC and I have recently been reading about Sevin and I saw it in Walmart with the garden insecticides. It was Sevin 5%. Is this the same product used for dusting chickens? Also, how long would I need to wait to slaughter a chicken for the table after a dusting? Thanks so much for your help!
  5. EweSheep

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    I've used Sevin 5% with no ill effects. As for me, if they do get into the garden, tomatoes, and so forth, wash the eggs good.

    I don't know any thing else that can prove not to be used on chickens with eggs. I've used DE, Sevin and Stall Dry in their nesting boxes.
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    I've used sevin dust for many many years in my garden, on my dogs and on my chickens and in their nests. Sevin dust is the way to go,cant beat it.

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