Self-feather plucking!


6 Years
Feb 21, 2017
St. Louis, MO area
It's dark on the AM and PM when I'm in the henhouse. Today I was actually there in daylight, and was shocked to see this!!!!

I need advice for a long-term fix, as well as short-term for the nekkid barred rock. She's the worst...a few more have just some feather loss on the tops of their wings. I have 1 rooster and 33 hens in a 12x21 henhouse with run-out. How can I keep her warm when it's in the 20's at night? I know she's roosting with the flock. Thanks!!!!!


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YES. moulting. And protein helps
I know a few months ago some of them looked a little raggedy, but not like this! And isn't the first of December a little late to moult? I'm located in St louis, missouri, USA.

They get 16% layer feed pellets from TSC, and lots of table scraps. Any other suggestions? Thank you everyone who's replied so far!
Well, the only other idea is bullying, have you seen signs of this?

Not really. I had macaws and Amazon's and other types of parrots for years, so I'm familiar with that sort of bird. What bothered me about this particular Barred Rock hen is that it is all over, and by the regrowth of pin feather length it looks like it happened in a very short period of time. 😮

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