self imposed isolation by whte leghorn

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    Here's my set up: one barn with two distinct halves, joined by a hole in the middle. One flock grew up on the left side while I prepared the right side for the newbies. For a long rime they watched each other through the wired shut hole and now are one flock which free ranges together happily day in day out.

    A few weeks ago one of the older glass moved onto the youngons perch, totally cool. But she wont sleep close to any of the other birds and it has me worried that she will get too cold. I've tried moving her at night nut the next time they go to bed she puts herself alone all over again. She looks and acts fine during the day. I can't figure out what's going on with her. Any advice?
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    I'd let her sleep where she wants. As long as there are no drafts or direct wind blowing upon her, she will be fine. 'Puffed' featheres are great insulation.
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    I now have three flocks (how on earth did THAT happen?!? [​IMG] ) and in each flock I have a loner. They do a good job of keeping themselves warm.
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