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    My four-month-old rooster is not acting the way I've read on here that roosters are supposed to behave. He's selfish with anything/everything that he finds to eat, and he chases the three hens away if they try to get any. Often he'll take something right out of one's mouth. Granted, the hens are not old enough to breed yet, nor are they laying eggs, but it still seems that he's big enough to act like he cares for the hens' well being. Is this normal when the hens and he are not mating? Do the roosters change once mating begins?
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  2. Hangin Wit My Peeps

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    My roo seemed to start acting rooish when he started crowing. He gives his hen food right from his mouth and makes all the crazy clucking noises while doing it. Mine started acting like this right about 10 weeks old. I would give him another month, maybe he will learn.
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    He's a teen boy, what do you expect?
    He won't be kind and loving towards his hens until he is over a year old. None of my young boys are kind to the hens yet either. And they are trying to breed them.
    However, my roos over a year old and 2 yrs old are very kind and loving and gentle to their ladies. Just takes them time and some perspective.[​IMG]
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    Another reason why boys under the age of 30 and all young roosters should be gathered up and escorted to a high-security enclave in Siberia.
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    so funny....that made my day!
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    Quote:This is basically how it went with my two roosters. My alpha is much better about feeding the hens than his brother is, but both share with the hens. The only thing my alpha won't share is figs. I swear the sound he makes while eating a fig is "get lost woman!" [​IMG]
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    Quote:[​IMG] [​IMG]

    Had to read that to DH has he walked by. He looked at me like [​IMG] then announced that he was 34 years old and ast that stage.

    Dang, had to soothe him by telling him he was past that stage at 27. [​IMG]
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    Joe, if it makes you feel any better, out of my 2 roo's that I have had, neither of them treated the girls, like others I have read about. I am hoping that some of my up and coming roo's are better.
  9. Cuban Longtails

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    Joe, he's still young. He'll mellow out in a few more months. [​IMG]
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    My big Red cockeral wasn't as kind to the ladies in the beginning. He now has a harem of younger women (18+ weeks old). He is a wonderful roo with these girls. I love watching him call his girls to scratch when I spread the cracked corn. He coos and 'talks' to them in the lowest, quietest voice.

    Mosby does the same now that the new girls have accepted him.

    Once he gets to 6 - 7 months old you'll see his more mature rooster qualities come to light.

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