Sell or Give Away Chicks?

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by akcskye, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. akcskye

    akcskye Songster

    Apr 11, 2007
    I have 3 hens that have gone broody, sharing 13 eggs.

    In the event some hatch, I live in the city and cannot have more than 1 or 2 more, and they'd have to be hens.

    So, with the remainder, do I sell or give them away?

    If I sell, what would be a fair asking price?

    They would all have Buff Orpington (that's my Roo) and either Black Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Brahma, and Silver Laced Wyandotte in their mix.


  2. Mac in Wisco

    Mac in Wisco Antagonist

    May 25, 2007
    SW Wisconsin
    If you don't need any more chicks I wouldn't let them sit the eggs...

    You could try to sell them, but even purebreds only go for a $1 or so a piece. If you have trouble finding them homes and don't have the heart to cull them you may end up with more birds than you wish.
  3. silkiechicken

    silkiechicken Staff PhD

    I'm not sure in your area but here I sell chicks for 2 a piece. If I figure out the gender (3-8 weeks), they go for 5 for pullets and 2 for roos. If the pullets are at point of lay (16-20 weeks), I sell them for 10 a piece. If I can't sell the roosters, i sell them at 4-5 months at 2 a lb.

    Everything is expensive up here though, so I don't know if you can fetch those prices.
  4. Standard Hen

    Standard Hen Songster

    May 17, 2007
    I just paid $2.75 each at my feed store for babies. The prices vary from private people. I have seen some people sell pullets between $5 and $15!!! Before my babies came in I purchased month olds from someone in town at $3 each. You could always post a sign where you get your feed but prices really go by the area where you live.[​IMG]
  5. speckledhen

    speckledhen Intentional Solitude

    My feedstore sells two day old chicks for $4 all day long-they buy them direct from Ideal. Month old birds are $10 and laying birds are $20 each. And I live in a tiny rural town, too.
  6. Standard Hen

    Standard Hen Songster

    May 17, 2007
    Wow Cynthia,,, I would never have guessed that much in GA!
  7. hinkjc

    hinkjc Crowing

    Jan 11, 2007
    Our feed stores sell them for $4 a chick too. I sell ours for $2 a chick for common fowl and $4 for rarer breeds. Started birds are around $5-10 and laying anywhere from $10-20 depending on quality, age and breed.

    In general, most people start between $1-$3 per chick and increase by 50 cents per week for care and feed, depending on where they live.

    Good luck with the hatch.

  8. Mac in Wisco

    Mac in Wisco Antagonist

    May 25, 2007
    SW Wisconsin
    Our local feed store almost gives them away. I think they are $1.25 a piece or sometimes they have a special for a dozen chicks and a 50 lb bag of starter for $25. They usually have a large selection too. I went in for a dozen and they gave me fourteen.

    They don't need to make any money from the chicks. The more you go home with, the better for them. They'll have you coming back for feed and suplies for years to come.
  9. froggy

    froggy Songster

    May 27, 2007
    I am in tennessee and i give 50.cents up to 2 dollars a piece for anywhere from 2 days old to a month old. I have lost several so I would not pay anymore then that sorry.Lisa
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  10. Mac in Wisco

    Mac in Wisco Antagonist

    May 25, 2007
    SW Wisconsin
    They must be selling them for more than that this year. I know they get them from Privett and checking Privett's website they are selling standard brown egg layer pullets for $1.50 - $1.75 postpaid per hundred.

    I was in the feedstore yesterday and didn't notice the chick prices but they had Turkey poults for $7.00 a piece, not much more than Privett charges.

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