Selling 3 egg laying hens, a coop, feed, water tray and straw bedding

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    Jun 30, 2018
    We are moving and unfortunately cannot take our lovelies. We have 3 backyard hens named Terry, Jackie and Ruby.

    They're great egg layers, we get more eggs than we know what to do with. Terry is is light red hen, Ruby is dark red hen and Terry is the black hen. They are sweethearts and a lot of fun. They are free range, we frequently let them wander the yard and hunt for bugs. They've been great pets.

    Price is $50 for everything. That includes a 3 bed coop with a water and food tray, a full bag of feed and plenty of straw bedding. We're willing to negotiate prices. If you only want a hen, it's $15 per hen.

    We inherited the hens and have had them for about 6 months. I'm not sure what breed they are. I just know they're great layers. Let me know if you have questions or are interested. We live in the Provo, Utah area. Pickup is required.


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