Selling a few of my BEI drakes locally

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by bantyshanty, Nov 23, 2012.

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    I hatched out my first--and only-- duck brood this past June. I raised 6 BEI drakes from 6 shipped eggs. These are my only ducks, and I'd hoped for a couple pairs. At this point, My duck run & house & pool has room for 4, but not 6. I want to sell two drakes locally and would like them to stay together. What's a good asking price? Is $15 apiece reasonable? they're fairly small drakes, not as small as the drakes I saw at the local poultry show, but close. They're eggs from a reputable backyard breeder. I've never met another BEI besides mine. My previous experience is calls. They're the size of an average call, with no white, so far.
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    Wondering this as well! Hello! also from pa BERKS
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    When I bought my trio I paid $75 if that helps

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