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Dec 15, 2007
I think this is probably a stupid question. I was wondering if anyone sells baby chicks to feed stores or at county fairs and stuff? If you do, do you need some kind of licence or anything? I have been thinking about getting a big incubator and hatching out alot of chicks. I want to maybe see about selling some at the county fair. I know I won't make alot. But it will be alot of fun. Well if anyone can let me know I would sure appreciate it. Thank You!


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Jan 13, 2007
East Texas
You would have to check with your states Animal Health Commission to see what you have to do to sell chicks you hatch.
States have different laws regarding this.

Here, in Texas, in order to sell to a feed store:
You have to be a NPIP approved hatchery. OR the feed store has to purchase a certificate to sell chicks and the fee is based on the amount of chicks they plan on selling for a 12 month period. (If they plan to sell 500 chicks the fee is $200.00)
Either way you still have to have a clean Pullorum/Typhoid test on the parent stock, and a certificate to sell domestic & exotic fowl from Texas Animal Health Commission.

To sell at a County Fair:
You have to have the P/T clean test on parent stock, and the certificate from Texas Animal Health Comm.
You also have to get clearance from the fair committee.

Here, they are trying to get it passed that you also have to have a Premise ID in order to have any animals at a county fair, but it hasn't happened yet, and we are fighting it and NAIS.

So, you see there are lots of regulations already in place. Make sure you are in compliance before trying to go and sell chicks.
At best, they will just send you home if you aren't within the law, and at worst, they can fine you. The fines here start at $1000.00


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