selling chicks in the city?

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    OK, am i missing something here? I live in a town that will not let me have my chickens in the city limits, but our TSC & our feed store & a couple of other places sell them, and they are all right in the heart of the city limits!, soooo, if they sell them, why cant i have them????.......just wondering [​IMG]
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    Zoning reguations/ordinances. Chicks (or even adult fowl) are kept in a store for a fairly short duration; but kept by the purchaser (in most cases) for a long duration. Also, commercial zoning is less likely to annoy neighbors (who are other storefronts) with nuisances such as crowing, hensong, etc. As compared with residential housing wher the neighbors are lkely to be sleeping in and therefore be upset when the rooster crows or the hen sigs her "I laid an egg" song.
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