Selling chicks?


Mar 31, 2017
I was wondering if it was legal to hatch some chicks and sell them for profit? Am I dreaming? Do I need a license? They will most likely be cross breeds with some pure lavender Orpingtons. I would just be selling in my area. Thanks in advance! Also, I live in Colorado if that helps
We live in KY, and many people, including us, sell on Craigslist. There are also multiple buy-and-sell groups on Facebook or around town who meet up and swap or sell chickens.
None of us have any special license and it's legal, at least in KY!
I don't know about Colorado, but I'm pretty sure as long as you aren't going large scale, (raising and selling thousands of chicks) you're probably fine! ;)
And watch out for avian flu! If that is going around or becomes a problem in your state, selling chickens can become illegal temporarily.

If there are any experts out there, PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong!
While it may vary some from state to state, for the most part it is legal to privately sell poultry (i.e. on Craigslist, etc.). Usually you only run into stipulations when you sell across state lines, such as in the case of shipping birds, and when you sell at certain swaps and/or shows. I've sold on CL here in Illinois for years and have somewhat of a loyal "customer" base. Good way to meet new people and get some connections. ;)

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