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    Sep 10, 2015
    So I've bought some new land and am trying to decide what chicken breed to get. I've heard good things about Easter eggers but I'm curious if anyone has had experience trying to sell eggs which are not white or brown. I'm sure most people think the eggs only come in white or brown and may shy away from blue, olive, or red eggs. Can anyone confirm or deny my suspicions?
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    I have EEs and most people don't mind as long as you explain that the eggs are the same on the inside. I always clear it with my eggs customers first and ask if they mind, and so far only one person has requested that they get their dozen with only white and brown and no blue or green. Some of my customers actually really like them and ask to have more of them in their dozen because their kids/grandkids get a kick out of them.
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    I don't know if you were planning on getting exclusively EEs, but offering a rainbow of colorful eggs can be a real marketing hook. I mix brown and blue / green eggs in the carton and get compliments on how beautiful they are.

    My only issue with the EE eggs is that in my little flock some tend to be smaller than other eggs. So I make an effort to make sure any EE eggs going out to other folks are as large as their brown companions. I eat the smaller ones.

    I think most people, and certainly kids, get a kick out of "green" eggs, as per the other poster's comment.

    I love my EEs!

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