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    How much do you sell your eggs for? Not hatching eggs, but farm fresh eggs for consumers to eat.

    I am contemplating starting a small egg business and wonder what people are using for cartons and where is the cheapest place to get them. I would want to use some biodegradable, but don't want them to add a fortune to the price of my eggs. I hope to have colored eggs to set my eggs apart from my local "competitors".

    I wish there was a forum for how to run a small poultry business. I have a gazillion questions.[​IMG]
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  2. MissPrissy

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    Go to the local stores in your area and see what they are pricing organic and free range eggs for. You have to be competitive not to over price your eggs even though we all know the backyard hens are producing far superior quality eggs.

    I am up around Metro DC. Organic eggs sell for $3.50 - $4.99 a doz. I sell mine for $3.50 if the person supplies the cartons for their eggs.
  3. cheeptrick

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    I sell mine for $2.50 to local dairy farm who in turn sells them for $3.50...
    Pays for all feed, hay, and shavings...

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    I am in Georgia and we sell ours for $2.00 dozen. And I DO NOT deliver !!!! And they return their egg cartons for a refill at the same price.
  5. Quote:Oh, these are great ideas. Thanks. I was thinking of supplying a natural foods store too. I think they run high there.

    Does anyone know of a cheap egg carton supplier? What are the cheapest you have found?

  6. Colored Egg Farmer

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    If you need any info i can give i to you. I already own my own company with 700 chickens.
  7. I sell my eggs for $3.00 a dozen, and I get free egg cartons from my customers.
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    Just to let you know how crazy it can be.....Oregon Portland Farmers market, the big one
    a doz pastured poultry eggs,,, 6$

    farm pick up 3- 4 $.
    pastured poultry is the key buzz word right now,, not organic,,thats assumed.
    the new Micahel Poluan book advocates pastured poulty.

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    i got all the info i need from my states dept of agriculture website, said how to be labled and sized, etc. as for cartons, most people around here who buy from someone regularly reuse cartons.
  10. Grindlefamily

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    I just purchased eggs here for $3 from a Farmer's Market (yeah my ladies are too young to lay yet) - I've seen them as low as $2 from the farmer them selves not at the market.

    Good Luck!


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