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I could really do with some advice. Who has a license and what do you have to prove to get that license. Did you really build something separate so you can wash your eggs at a three station sink apart from your living area? Would it be acceptable to wash them at a church with a three sink system? And how can I get my chick a dee's eggs labeled officially as organic. Why does Florida have so many rules about everything LOL. Any idea's let me know


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Unless you have a particularly sweet arrangement your only real choice in Florida is to fly under the radar. The regulations for selling legal eggs in Florida are ridiculous. But you may be one of the lucky ones that could work it out so here is a link to what is required.

Complying with Regulations to Sell Farm Fresh Eggs

I went to a poultry workshop that was taught in part by Brad Burbaugh the lead author of the document above. You can use an off-premises commercial kitchen to process eggs but you have to keep them there. You can't process them there then bring them home to sell them. From what he tells me there are also no legal "farm gate" sales in Florida either. When the legislature passed those regulations they treated everyone the same whether they had ten hens or a hundred thousand. There are some efforts being made to get the regulations modified to make it easier for small scale growers but nothing has come of that yet. Even if it does it's still going to be burdensome.

There are a lot of under the radar sellers because it's the only way it can be done.
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