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Jun 3, 2008
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I picked up feed for the chickies yesterday and the feed store people told me I should sell my xtra eggs for 2.50dz. I did not go into this thinking I was going to break even or make money. Why should I sell for that much? I was thinking 2dz. What do you think? They also told me that they would buy any eggs I had if I was selling them for $2dz. Should I?
I had not planned on selling any eggs either when I decided to get my girls, but if I have so many of them, why not sell the extras?
I will give away any to people I know or people who need them, but selling the extras is a good way to offset the cost of feed a little bit.
Around here the eggs sell for $4.00 a dozen minimum for homegrown eggs.
I don't think $2.50 is too much at all.
Figure what the store charges, yours are better and people will know that.
If you don't want to deal with selling them to customers yourself for the $2.50 and want to make it simple and just sell to the feedstore I would, but you need to figure in the cost of the cartons.
If you have extra eggs why not?! I don't think I'll have enough left to give or sell anytime soon. If people are paying $2.50 a dz, and you have 'em....
I started out with a few hens so we could have some fresh yummy eggs but with so many people asking if we had extras, we decided to buy enough hens to sell the eggs.
Now we are chicken crazy and have many different breeds because we love the different colored eggs.
Our blue eggs sell like gang busters and the dark browns go well. No one would buy white eggs or even the cream colored ones.
However, it is nice that we make a bit of egg money and enjoy having the chickens around.
We sell for $3 dz for the large/medium eggs. And we get $2 dz for the small eggs, which our young hens are producing. One person griped about the amount and we no longer offer him any since we have plenty of others wnating to buy fresh eggs.
The grocery store gets $2.79 dz and they don't taste nearly as good nor are they fresh!
If ever we have any left over, we plan on giving them to the soup/mission kitchen.
I've sold extra eggs for 3.50/doz. (In Ak, every thing is much more expensive.) I've also seen them for sale at $4-5/doz-18er That is way too much to charge I think. There is a lady up the street, who buys them for 3.25/doz. A lot of people who sell her eggs use the $$ for feed. That's what I do, save it in a jar, and use it to buy feed.

A guy at my MIL's work gives me $5 for a doz...he says that's to ensure he gets fresh eggs first. I sent 3 doz up to her work, and left with $15. not bad...(Those guys have more $$$ than sense
There are people that I will sell to for $1.5dz. I guess the rest it will be 2.00, any extra past that I will sell to the feed store. My neighbor brings her vegie scraps over for the chickies so she will probably get some free. My other neighbor calls me his daughter (and I am not) so he will probably get some free. As for the rest I guess I will have to play it by ear. Thankyou all for the input, it was helpful.
I heard somewhere that you had to have special licenses or certifications to sell eggs. Does that vary by state or county? (Is it even true?)

Once our girls start laying I have a feeling we're going to be knee deep in eggs in no time - I'd love to be able to sell those we can't use...
Yes, it depends by State (as far as I know). Usually, you can sell from your own property without any inspections or licenses. If you start transporting to a store, or a farmer's market, then you might start getting into the might-need-a-license area.
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