Selling farm eggs in Florida

Discussion in 'Local Chicken Laws & Ordinances' started by flygirldetroit, Jan 27, 2010.

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    Jan 23, 2010
    My local green market asked me to sell my eggs on Saturdays but I didn't want to label my eggs as "pet food" nor as "not for humane consumption" (because of course that would be misleading since my hens provide me w/the most delicious & most nutritious eggs possible :eek:). So, I started researching how to "legally" sell my eggs. The Florida statue only outlines the federal & USDA regulations & licensing applicable to sellers, dealers, handlers etc... raising more than 3000 layers and selling more than 30 dozen eggs per week. This begged the question, what if I wish to sell less than 30 dz eggs/wk? Because there is no state statute for less than 3000 layers and/or less than 30 dz eggs/wk, Florida determines the regulations by "rule". By rule, we are permitted to sell less than 30 dz/wk if; a) the eggs are first washed in a 3 compartment sink which is b) in a free standing facility which conforms to Florida Building code & has running cold/hot water, once dried c) the eggs are displayed on carton flats only and d) a sign displayed in proximity stating "unclassified eggs not candled for quality or graded for size" and you have e) secured a mobile food permit. I have my eggs, I will take them to a friend's restaurant w/a 3 compartment sink (this address to be listed), to be washed (even though I know washing is what degrades the shells), dried, I will display them on a carton flat, w/the sign in proximity and as people wish to purchase my 1/2 dz or 1 dz eggs, they will tell me how many, and will pack the carton in front of them, they hand me the cash, and off they go w/their carton. I will sell the cartons for $.25 or they can bring their own cartons e/wk. The permit application is "Request for Initial Inspection & Food Permit Application" #DACS-14221 amended 6/05. The permit is $140. If you wish to candle & grade your eggs, you can do so, but I don't want the additional inspection nor costs associated for the equipment. If you own agricultural property, you can sell fresh kill chicken & less than 30 dz eggs "at your gate". There is also this rule but I don't know enough on it to comment beyond that, since I don't own agricultural property. Good luck to all!
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    That's how government kills small business!

    I am in Florida and see all kinds of ads on craigslist people selling eggs. Doubtful they adhere to all these ridiculous restrictions.

    As far as green market, if you want to sell there, why not compromise? Make a nice sign saying "Pet Food", which could mean many things. If people ask, you can say thay you eat them, but it's up to their discretion.

    Seriously though, if I were thinking of selling eggs, I would have acquierd my own private customers and not deal with any green markets.
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    Could you tell me where you found the regulation that states you can sell less than 30 dz eggs "at your gate"? I also live in Florida and would like to be able to sell my eggs locally in my neighborhood. There is such a great demand for healthy, farm fresh eggs.

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