Selling Flock of Hens + other, need to sell them by 12/31 urgently.

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  1. heerobreaker

    heerobreaker Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 8, 2009
    Long story short: I have to move for a couple of months and wont have anyone to care for my poultry so I must sell them.

    Please help me find a home for these or I will have to butcher most of them, and I’d rather they stay alive for the time being.

    I currently have up for sale:

    3 Buff Orpington Hens for $9 each. They are about 8 months old and are all laying through the winter.

    1 New Hampshire Red hen for $9. She is 8 months and laying.

    1 Rhode Island Red Hen for $9. She is about a year and a half and perfectly laying in the winter.

    1 Dominique Hen for $9. She's laying and about 9 months old.

    1 light brahma hen for $9. She' about 5 months old.

    1 Black Giant Hen for $9. Laying and about 8 months.

    3 Easter Egger Hens for $7 each. Laying about 7 months.

    2 Breeder Quality Pure White Silkies for $10 each. Not laying only about 4 months old.

    A pair of French Black Copper Marans for $12 for pair. These are 3 months old. SOLD

    I have roosters of the same ages for all previously mentioned types of hens for those seeking pairs. All roosters are for $2 or free depending on how many hens you take.

    I am giving away for free: Male French Black Copper Maran, Male Pure White Silkie Rooster!

    I realize this forum is for hens only but, since I have to get rid of my whole flock it seems best to just list it here just in case and not make a whole other thread in another part of the forum. If a mod finds a problem with this gladly inform me and I will adjust the thread.

    I also have a number of ducks for sale:

    2 Buff Orpington Female Ducks for $9 each. These are about 7 months and laying.

    A pair of Rouen Ducks. These are about 7 months, the female is laying. $12 for the pair, or if only interested on the female just ask.

    1 Blue Swedish Female Duck for $9. She's 8 months old and laying.

    A pair of Runner ducks. Male is Pure Black and the Female is Chocolate brown. $12 for the pair. if only interested in the female ask. These are 7 months old.

    3 White Pekins, 2 Females and One Male. They are about 9 months old and the females are laying. $20 for all 3, ask if you are interested only on the females. SOLD

    1 Female Toulouse Goose. She's about 6 months old and very friendly. $15 for her. SOLD

    I also have a couple of pens in Great Shape available for sale. None have more than a year of being used so they will work great as pens:

    The first pen has the capability of nests being installed for laying, and can retain as many as 10 hens comfortably. Its up for sale for $150 dollars. The price is negotiable of course.

    I have 2 smaller pens which can fit 4 large hens comfortably. These are up for $50 each.

    I have a much larger enclosure which can fit around 100 hens/ducks/geese comfortably. This one will be a pain to transport so I still have no idea what I will be asking for it. I probably will give it away for free if you can haul it.

    If interested in any of these I'm selling please dont bid call me/text me at 407-406-8801 or send me a message. Prices are negotiable so dont be shy to ask. Pick up only of course.

    Thank you!
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  2. Jane Jill Jack

    Jane Jill Jack Chillin' With My Peeps

    Nov 8, 2010
    I'm sure somebody'll want the EEs. I need to get rid of about half of my chickens too.
  3. FarmerBoy24

    FarmerBoy24 Chillin' With My Peeps

    Nov 27, 2010
    Moreno Valley Ca

    I am intrested in some of your chickens!! I am wanting the Light brama, EE. and the Fbcm (pair)! Which ones are laying and give me a little brief description about them!

    Also! I live in California where are you located?

    And what kind of roosters do you have?


  4. heerobreaker

    heerobreaker Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 8, 2009
    Quote:I'm sorry I have already sold all of my hens. I still have available a French Male Black Copper maran, and a Male Pure White Silkie. I obtained these from a breeder when they were chicks and I'm giving them both out for free.

    You live in California and I cant ship them so it seems unlikely you could get any of these.
  5. RodKnocker

    RodKnocker New Egg

    Oct 19, 2010
    Check your message.
  6. heerobreaker

    heerobreaker Out Of The Brooder

    Nov 8, 2009
    All I have left I'm giving out for free.

    I still have a large Black Giant Rooster about 7 months old.

    An EE Rooster about 5 months old.

    A Pure White Silkie Rooster about 4 months old.

    A small mixed banty rooster.

    And my last hen... I'm giving her out for free because she's somewhat disabled. When she was little she poked her eye out, so ever since she's been blind on one side. She lives just fine, just a little slower than most other hens. She's a buff orpington about 6 months old.

    I need these out by Thursday night so... hurry. >.>

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