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I am selling one group of 6+ genetic hackle hatching eggs to be shipped Monday, 4/2/18. They will be eggs laid closest to the shipping date, from the pen with my red male over two black barred, one dilute black barred, and one solid black duckwing female. The male comes from Baxter House Outfitters line and the females come from Toni Marie Astin's line. Chicks hatched from this pen the last two years include a variety of colors, some of which are pictured below.

My flock is NPIP (ID: 34-645). Price is $60 + $15 shipping. I take payment through Paypal only at this time, to ensure that eggs shipped out will be the freshest possible. I can only ship to the lower 48 states.

Saddle feathers from my breeder roo:


My rooster and his hens (my apologies, it's warming up here and everyone's ditching all their feathers, so most of the roosters are missing most of their saddles):



Some of the holdback roosters (the first two are still young, from late august 2017):



**Please remember I cannot guarantee anything other than that I will ship out 6+ fresh, intact, fertile eggs. I cannot guarantee their arrival condition post-shipping, nor hatch success due to variations in incubation practices. I cannot guarantee what colors you will get from these eggs. Please ask BEFORE purchase if you have questions.
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You may! A couple of years ago I reached out to a couple of different breeders requesting to purchase eggs for my dad, who ties flies. I found two people willing to let go of some eggs, and ordered some from each. The male hatched from Fly Fisher's (Baxter House Outfitters) birds on BYC, and the females hatched from Boggy Bottom Bantams' birds (Toni Marie Astin's line), when they were breeding genetic hackles. I hatched a dozen or so last year and the year before to see what quality/color of birds they would produce and how they would feather out, and have been selling the pelts locally.
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