selling on ebay, etc/ like pro active still in wrappers


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how do you get started selling something on ebay or any other site? is it hard?

i sometime get email that says i need to check my paypal/ebay account and i dont have a account with paypal or ebay!

the reason i am asking is i want to sell some proactive that is still in the wrapper. i can't use it anymore, my face started breaking out and that kind of defeats the purpose of what it was made for
. I did use it with success for several years though. guess my skin changed
. so now i am stuck with this stuff or try to sell it.

The emails you get now (if you do not have any account with either) are scams and ought to be reported.

ebay and paypal are easy to sign up for, just go to their main pages and it'll walk you through it.

Ebay now has an updated selling form, you just fill in the blanks - it is VERY easy, but I suggest ya read a few auctions to get an idea of what to include in your own postings on there. The form will have default boxes clicked, so check every box to make sure you want that one checked.

Also - check the "proactive" auctions, to see what you want to set as your price (or your starting price if not doing a "buy it now". There are a LOT of "proactive acne" auctions, and they sell really well. A lot of people want the overnight cream, rather than the entire kit, but the kits sell reasonably well, too.

Good luck.

In order to start selling on Ebay, you need to have an account as well as a Paypal account. Those emails you are getting are spam; just delete them.

Feedback is important on Ebay. When you buy something, you leave feedback; when you sell something, you leave feedback for the buyer. The more positive feedback points you earn, the more luck you will have buying and selling. People tend to be leery of buying from new sellers, and sellers are leery of new buyers. Unfortunately alot of people win auctions and never pay, and there are also some bad sellers who either don't mail your product out or don't describe it accurately.

If you don't plan on ever buying or selling much on Ebay, I'd suggest finding a friend who already has an account with a decent feedback score and see if they will list and sell it for you. You'd probably have much better results that way.

Also, Ebay charges you listing fees as well as a portion of the sale. Paypal also takes a fee for each transaction, so keep in mind that you will have fees to pay even if your item doesn't sell. It's not much but just so you are informed. We all had to start somewhere though! And it's FUN (and addicting!) Good luck!

Edited to add: I thought of this as I might want to try Craig's List instead. It's free and I've bought and sold alot of things from there.
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sorry, i guess i should have described what proactive is!

thanks for all the replies. i did not know craig list was free. that is cool! thanks great information. and i did not know if i could list it on here or not. i didn't think of that


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