Selling pure bred eggs and/or chicks worthwhile as a business?

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    I'm not sure where to post this question so hope I don't offend[​IMG].

    My number 1 goal is to make my new small farm work for its self and by that I am enjoying raising chickens and having fresh all-natural eggs and meat whenever we want them.
    :In the beginning 1 year ago we started out with 12 whatever we got at the local Tractor Supply which has turned out to be some leghorns and RIR x's and 1 handsome leghorn Roo. Well they got bigger, the eggs started coming, I started selling the extras and I realized that these particular birds are never gonna produce anything with enough meat to eat so I thought if I crossed my little birds with bigger Roo's the off-spring would be stockier egg layers. Well I went all-out and bought White Rock and Brahma Roo's and a breeding pair of Jersey Giant's and donated my leghorn Roo to a friend who needed him. Then I went to an auction and picked up 4 Australorp hens and Roo.
    SOOOO, now Ive got a big mess and the brunt of my question.........

    Is it gonna be worth it to get several hens to match all my Roo's, separate them and sell purebred eggs and chicks?

    Are the breeds I have good for making money with or is there a better breed that is in more demand?

    Where we live in Ky there's not many chicken farms and its rather hard to find purebred without ordering through the mail. Is there good money to be made doing this or should I just keep mixing around and playing until I have a nice homegrown meat bird and egg layer to support my family??

    Please Help.

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