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8 Years
Jan 8, 2012
Ok, so I've been in breeding quail now for about 2-3 months. I've been having a blast but do have a few questions. First off, I'm very limited to space, so I can only keep a good 60 birds for laying, but they are not laying at full potential yet. I have eggs in my incubator, but I am waiting on them to hatch, I have about 450 eggs set to hatch anywheres from this upcoming week to 15 more days. I have 19 chicks in my brooder but have 4 people waiting on some quail. I bought some eggs last week to set in my incubator but they guy I deal with said that I can buy day old chicks from him for only .05 more, so .35 per chick, and not have to mess to much with the hassle of how many chicks are going to hatch. I have one incubator that has an egg turner and this summer I'm buying a cabinet with egg turner so my hatch rate should increase with that.

I can fit 400 chicks into my inside brooder(first week) but I am dealing with 3 different varieties of quail, D-1, Texas A & M and the James Marie Pharaoh, so I'm pretty sure I need to keep the chicks separated once they hatch. So I'm working on building other brooders for housing them. Any tips would help a bunch..
After going through the heartache of buying Black Copper Marans chicks and having them introduce Mareks to my other chicks and losing a bunch I would suggest you just hatch your own, you will be much more "bio-safe" if you just hatch eggs instead of bringing potentially sick chicks in
well the place I'm getting them from is actually a quail research center, they are top of the line and hatch 1200 a week. They ship all over the U.S. they have over 15 different varieties of quail. They also bred the A&Ms back in size.
If you are buying day old chicks and they come already diseased, if you are buying eggs from the same place, the eggs will be infected, too. If you have had no problems with the eggs, I can't imagine you are going to have any problems with day old chicks out of a brooder.
most protozoas and mareks etc etc dont pass through eggs, its a contaminated keeping area that transmits it, they get exposed after they hatch.

I didn't say all places are "dirty" what I was saying is if you buy from other places you could potentially bring parasites and illnesses into your flock

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