Selling/Rehoming most of my chickens...


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May 14, 2008
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Neighbors have relented... I can keep a few if I keep the smell and flies at bay.

Send a PM for what you are interested in.

What I have available: PICK UP ONLY

French Black Copper Marans: 1 beautiful roo and 4 pullets. I’d let the group go for $150. These all hatched out 1/1/2010.
Blue Wheaten/ Wheaten Ameraucanas:
2 Pet quality Blue Wheaten Roos, $15 for the one that’s real close to standard, $10 for the one that has obvious defects.
3 Blue Wheaten cockerels: Hatched out 4/21/2010 $10 each. 1 is clean faced

Cinnamon Queen: Hatched 3/20/2009 $22 lays almost every day.
Black Star : Hatched out 4/2009 $22 a real egg layer.
Salmon Faverolle: Hatched out 4/25/2009 4 to 5 eggs a week, I’ve gotten some gorgeous chicks out of her
GPC X LBLH: Big, beautiful pullet, hatched 1/1/2010... lays a good sized cream colored egg.
Bearded Buff Laced Polish: Age unknown… only lays once in a while FREE
Splash Polish: Hatched out 1/1/2010 just started laying $20
Golden Cuckoo Marans: Hatched out 4/25/2009 $22
2 GCMaran’s X Delaware: Hatched out 1/1/2010 Beautiful big pullets. $20 each
1 CA White Leghorn, 1 Pearl White Leghorn, 1 Light Brown Leghorn hatched 3/20/2009 Great layers when it’s cooler. $20 each.
7 week old EE roos, , 1 Blue Salmon Faverolle $5 because he so GORGEOUS
1 Policauna, 1 red /BWAXBlack Star, Both FREE and both are pretty.

I have some Layena and some other feed not opened that I'll also sell at cost.
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OOh darn! This stinks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is there nothing that you can do??


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Is there some ordinance against chickens where you live????

Did you get a membership to the ABC? If so, let's try to get a post of the ABC forum about them. Do you have a recent photo of my boy?

Let me know if you can't find a home for him; I can't take him back, but have a friend that lost her rooster about 2 months ago.



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Oh my God this sucks for you. especially since you are one of the main members on this forum. I wish I could have some, but Im in SC. Hope they change their minds! Good Luck


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Mar 25, 2008
So sorry to read this Mahonri.
I know how you and your family have enjoyed your chickens and I'm sure this has to be a tough thing on your end.

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