Selling Roosters ~ What Should I Do?


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I have about (12) 1 year old roosters that I am selling. Someone contacted me and asked me the price. Because roosters are sometimes hard to sell, I told him $10.00 per rooster. He emailed me back and asked if he could get a discount if he bought all 12. I told him yes. If I sold all 12 roosters, it would be $120.00 but I told him that I could sell all 12 of them for $95.00 or $7.91 per rooster. That is a $25.00 discount. He emailed me back and said that he was coming from another city (not my problem as far as where he is traveling from) and asked if I could sell all 12 of them for $85.00. That would be a $35.00 discount or $7.08 per rooster.

Would you sell 12 roosters for $85.00? If I didn't sell them, they would be processed and put in the freezer.

What what you do if you were me?
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um what does he want a dozen roosters for anyway

if you don't want them i'd say that's a fairly reasonable price
I would definitely sell the roosters for that. Around here, I am lucky to get $5.00 each on a rooster, even for my very expensive breeds. I usually have to give them away.
Sure take it that's a good deal. But yeah, what does he want them for? If he wants them for cock fighting or there is a suspicion that he does, than I wouldn't sell them for $50.00 each. Honestly, if he's willing to pay that much for them, he doesn't want them for meat. Either cock fighting or their feathers.

And oh btw...I don't want to know what he wants them for.
We rehome people who like roosters because they want a rooster. At least, so far we've been able to do that. I'm sure we couldn't rehome twelve at once though.
I'm not sure what he wants them for. I was afraid to ask. The roosters I have are MEAN!
They wouldn't make a great mate for a hen. They are too rough. They damaged a lot of my hens. They are too too too aggressive.
Let me start with "that we are all different and come from different backgrounds". If you need the money, you can sell them. If you can make do without the money, process them and put them in your freezer. If I could get that much money for nasty, mean roosters, I'd most likely sell them and ask no questions. (I gave away some of my nice roos because I had too many and they were too nice to go to freezer camp. . . after I ran an ad on craigslist and got no takers.)

If you are strongly against fighting birds, and all that represents, call your local spca and see if they want to set up a "sting", or follow the buyer and bust him. . . 'cause someone willing to pay that kind of money for that many roosters might well be into fighting birds.

Just some thoughts. . .good luck!
X2 I give cockerels away. Sometimes they end up on the dinner table, sometimes they are kept as part of a flock.
I can't GIVE roosters away most of the time. (I generally don't anyway, unwanted roosters become dinner at my house) I'd say it's a great price if they're just plain old roosters and not show quality birds.

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