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key west chick

11 Years
May 31, 2008
Gainesville, GA
Every once in awhile, I have a few extra dozen or so eggs that I cant give away or eat. Maybe like 2 or 3 dozen a week. Not enough to really advertise for selling but more than i want to waste. Does anyone here sell extra eggs from their house? How do you do it? How do people know if you have them to sell or not? Im worried we might have people knocking on the door on a Sunday morning at dawn wanting eggs. It would be nice to make a few dollars to help with the cost of feed.
I have a sign by the road and word of mouth. I just wish they would start laying more......
we have signs, clist them, put them in the market bulletin, etc. etc.
You could make a sign that would have a flip down for "no" when you are out of eggs...
Supply a farmer's market with your excess. You don't have to sit and wait for a buyer, just sell them a bit lower so that they can make a profit too.
Word of mouth, word of mouth, part of our barter circle --- we also gave some away to parents of our kids friends - like drug pushers here this one is free!
Pretty soon they were back and we would say Oh, we charge $3.50 a dozen how many dozen would you like??
I just give them away to friends and family. No one in the house other than me believes in selling the eggs to friends... I have always wanted to do an honor stand at the top of the driveway. You know a little cooler with a few dozen eggs in it with a sign, and a jar for money, and anyone who drives by can pull over and grab a dozen and put the money in the jar....that's just my idea
For a few dozen here and there word of mouth should do the trick.

We sell a little more than that. Last summer I put a sign out by the road for a few months to get customers. When they stopped in I'd show them where the eggs were kept in the cooler in the barn and told them to help themselves from then on and to drop the money in a coffee can out there. Once we had enough steady customers I took down the sign. I don't think there has been a day in the past two weeks that somebody hasn't stopped to get eggs.

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