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    i don't know if this was the best category for this but was the best I could find. so im wondering what would be the best time and way to sell some chicks and what would the price range be
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    the best forum for this in in the buy-sell-trade section
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    There are many factors to selling chickens, some of them would be age, breed, quality, gender, location.
    What do you have?
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    Check your local market: Craigslist, Facebook, farmers markets, etc., and see what (if) chicks are selling for. Depending on your area, selling a few may be more painful than it's worth.
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    [​IMG] time for me is to sell them asap after hatch. You get the cute factor, and you don't have to invest in a lot of feed or heat.

    The problem with this is sexing. Unless you're breeding sex links, you've got to sell them straight run. This cuts the price down in my area. I have lots of competition from local feed stores that sell sexed pullets pretty reasonable.

    I currently sell straight run Olive Eggers for $4 each, day old.

    Hatchery or feed store birds that I buy and grow out, I charge a dollar or two over the purchase price plus approx $1 a week for brooding. Same for chicks I breed and grow out to coop ready age.

    The best sellers for me are point of lay pullets, but you have to have the space to grow them out.

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