Selling: Wyandottes, barred rock in Auburn, Al

I would if I were closer.
I really just dropped in to give a big WAR EAGLE!!!!

I graduated from Auburn in 1992. I LOVED it there!

Good luck selling your chicks!
WAR EAGLE!!! so nice to hear from you. You should come over some time, Auburn has changed sooooo much, we are much much developed now.
I was there about four years ago for a game. It was AWESOME! You are right. Everything was very, very different. It was great! If my family didn't all live up here, I'd live there in a heartbeat!

I get two wyandotte chicks in 2 1/2 weeks. What kind of personality does yours have? I think they're really pretty.
They truly are beautiful, all lap birds, I find wyandottes and orpingtons friendlier than any other breed.
I have a golden laced and a silver laced wyandotte coming in my group. I also have three buff orps. And then about 6 other types. It will be an eclectic herd of chickens!

Thanks for the info. I had heard that the buffs were good natured, but didn't know about the wyandottes. I just thought they were really pretty!
War Eagle! Just had to throw that in.
If only the chicks were a little older I would buy them, but the farm is 200 miles away and they don't allow chickens in my apartment in auburn.
But seriously if they're hens and you still have them when they turn 10 weeks let me know.
ditto on the "would if i were closer". probably about 150 miles from you, though... i'd really like the br!

Hey thankyou guys, I thought there was no one in Alabama who keeps chickens but me. Bamaman I am already a fan for your advice about the crows, so sure, 'll let you know, but I hope they don't stay that long, I want to bring in other breeds.
Mamaspider where are you located at?
actually in ga - roughly an hour north of the big atl... if you don't get any other takers, maybe I could make a road trip!

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