semi annual coop cleaning

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    Jul 30, 2008
    So I am taking a vacation day this Friday (going to be sunny and near 80 degrees) to give my coop it's spring scrub down. I remove everthing and scrub down and scrub down the inside of the coop with a bleach solution and of course replace all the bedding.
    So the "funny" thing about this whole process is that it takes about a half a day and the majority of the time is letting the coop dry out real good before replacing the roosts, nesting boxes and of course putting down new bedding . This whole time the chickens are locked in their run. The hens stand on their ramp and some of the ones gifted with a good deal of flight, fly to the window sills and complain and raise all kinds of fuss with me. I know they are saying: WE NEED TO LAY OUR EGGS, HURRY WE CAN'T HOLD IT MUCH LONGER!!!!!
    I clean the nest boxes first thing and place them in the run for them but apparently it's just not the same!!
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    Apr 4, 2008
    Vancouver, WA
    we did the same thing 2 weeks ago. AHHHHHHH clean coop day!!! I love it!!! Looks just like new, no poo on the walls, floor, windows, ceilings, droppings boards or roosts. pressure washer does a great job!! but I was also concerned about the girls protesting not getting to their nests. but we waited till almost noon for it to warm up and they were "almost" done laying. we had 2 stragglers. they didn't mind being in their nests while we worked.

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