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  1. Just as the title says. So i was stupid enough to lock up my frizzle rooster with my turkey (2-3 weeks old) poult. At first they got along great, but i went out there and he was pecking her :( So, i brought her in, theres no blood or anything like that, but she refuses to use both legs. She favors one, but the one she doesn;t favor has no visible injuries. And shes also breathing funny. Know how by he beak, theres an indent where it puffs up when they breath? Well shes puffing it up really large, like it goes under her eyes type large. And you know how they make the cute lttle peep that is kinda like purring? Well, it feels like shes purring. like fluids or something is moving in her making it feel like shes actually purring.

    I feel so bad for her, !

    Oh and shes been living outside since we got her (2-3 weeks old?) and the night we got her it dropped down to almost freezing. Shes tough and can take all sorta of weather, but i suddenly have the deep dark feeling she may have pneumonia (sp?) ! Ak, i feel so bad for her!!

    And no she CANT live with one leg. This is a FACT, she is a MEAT turkey, BBW, we keep them sometimes as pets but I KNOW she cant live with 1 leg

    She still uses the leg for balace, but it feels like the lame leg on our brahma felt- dead. Its warm, but its so limp it feels, dead.
  2. She smells like a lizard...... And i mean this in the 'musky way'. Do you think she could hae a feather? Se ACTS fine, other then the leg. But she usually doesn't smell like a lizard.... [​IMG]
  3. Come on, i know theres SOMEONE out there who can help
  4. Lets just say.... I have found she has 'firm, solid' poop.... and a lot of it

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