semi-paralysed 5 m/o serama hen

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    Feb 1, 2013
    i have a hen from the small holding i work at that was trampled on by a keet and she is paralysed down her right side although she can move her leg i think the main area effected is her neck and wing. she has no broken bones so we think it must be nerve/muscle damage. sometimes she'll, i think, go to preen herself and her neck/head will spasm and almost go all the way around. i don't think though that she is any pain because she can do little chirps and she eats and drinks. she sleeps an awful lot or is almost always just falling asleep.
    i don't know if anyone had any advice on how to look after paralysed chickens. i read that they can recover from like neurological problems but because she is so young (maybe 5 months or less?) and she lost some weight from being in a pen with feeds off the ground and with the pecking order she was just lying in the corner when i took her out (that was the first time i saw her i hadn't left her just lying there days or anything)
    i know you can give, well any animal glucose for energy but what would be a good source of protein to help her grow, or any supplements? i don't know if it's like hopeless for her but otherwise they were going to have her 'dispatched' and i always take on the chickens that are ill or injured because i think i love to nurse things too much.
    ok thanks for any input
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    It may be worth a try to give her some B vitamins, seems it can help with some neurological problems. But not so sure it can help if the problem is from an injury, but they will also give her some energy. You could get some electrolyte solution from the feed store to put a small amount in her water. I have found that if a hen is not feeling well if I can get them to drink some water they will usually eat a bit shortly after. I try to entice mine to eat with treats, like corn they love it. Do you see her get hurt? if not at that age it could me Merke's Disease, which causes neurologic issues- no cure, some just live with it , all birds get exposed to it from other wild birds. Once again the vit B12 seems to help with those symptoms as well. I get liquid B12, but it is like 10 bucks. You g=can get powdered tablets that you can pull apart and mix some of the powder in her water.

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