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Sep 10, 2019
HEllo all! Im not sure who really reads new member intros but i'll make one anyway!
Although I have had every animal under the sun, this is my first venture into chickens. We were killing time while out of town and went into a TSC (don't have then in our city) and wound up bringing home 5 chicks. 2 red,2 yellow and 1 black. It didn't dawn on me at the time of my impulse buy to write down the breed OR that anyone would be selling roosters! Fast forward a month and it seems 3, possibly 4 of my chicks are ROOS! So now we have a beautiful well made coop for 2 Red Ranger and 2 buff orpington roos, and 1 beautiful golden laced wyandotte (Much appreciation to BYC fb group for identifying them). we have 1 yearling redfoot tortoise, a bunny, a cockatoo and a little TFT/CHI who guards it all.


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