Sending out a big THANK YOU to all you smart people on this website.


7 Years
Jun 14, 2012
East Texas
We are brand new to raising geese. In February we bought 3 baby African Geese, and because we were stupid we put them out on our pond entirely too early. The poor things made it 3 days before they disappeared - presumably to an owl or hawk. Who would have ever guessed that I would cry over the loss of a gosling?

Determined to try again, we recently bought another group - this time 6 babies instead of 3. These little dots have a huge breeder that they will stay in until they reach maturity. However, this time around, we had them about 2 days when I noticed that 1 of the babies was very wobbly (like a drunken sailor). By the next day, she couldn't/wouldn't stand up. I would hold her while she ate and drank, so I knew that she was at least getting nourishment - but her poor little legs just wouldn't work. After reading many threads on this site, I diagnosed her as possibly having a niacin deficiency, causing spraddle leg. Not having a clue what Niacin was, I went looking for it in all the wrong places - but eventually found a bottle of the non-flush tabs in the vitamin isle at Wal-Mart. (They really do have everything!) By this time, my poor baby had been not walking for about 3-4 days. The poor dear was stepped on, pooped on (it was pitiful), and was getting awfully skinny. But we added the niacin to the water, and I improvised a hobble based on other comments found on his site. I used the medical tape that sticks to itself, but doesn't stick to skin - wrapping it around one of her legs and then the other, leaving space in between. (The spacing was a bit of a trial and error because I ended up having to keep her legs closer together than looked comfortable. And oh boy, talk about dirty. We had to change it out almost every day.) I was a little doubtful that the hobble would work since it had been so many days since she last walked. BUT, less than a week later, she's up and going!!! It was hard to watch at first, as she would trip all over herself and face plant on the ground, but she got the hang of it and her little leg muscles are getting stronger every day.

Without the advise of the people on this forum, I have no doubt that she would have been written off as a lost cause and - sadly, but most likely - eventually put down. So, she and I both offer our sincere thanks to everyone who takes the time to type out a little advise!


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